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on-line SESSIONS

We meet on-line for our sessions. You don’t need to commute to a language school and you can learn in the environment you feel most comfortable in: your own desk or even in a park. Feel free to decide.
We send all didactic materials in pdf or jpg files and after the session, upon your request, we send more language stuff to your e-mail. Moreover, we keep an ongoing record of vocabulary that you can revise and test your progress 24/7.


Our classes mostly focus on conversations with an experienced tutor. You’ll get some language exercise in a nice atmosphere and take the courage to use it as often as possible. You can count on full support of your individual language tutor.


We focus on individual approach without rigid curriculum and laborious exercises. Wish to start from scratch? Revise for an exam? Prepare for a journey or business meeting?  No problem: your goals determine the learning pace.


Unlimited access to copyrighted learning materials, books, articles, multimedia. All these precisely selected to match your skills, needs and interests. No more memorizing endless vocabulary lists. You’ll not only learn a language with us but also delve into topics you like.  


Regular tests allow you to track your linguistic progress. It is especially important when preparing for an important exam: you’ll always know what you still need to work on. After each lesson you can play the record of our session, revise and track your progress.


Learn whenever you like. We always strive to adjust to your weekly routine. Something unexpected? No problem. We can shift classes to another day. There is also a possibility to shorten or to make our lesson longer if you wish. We can shift our classes even until 10 p.m. “a day before”. Let us know!


No commitments! During a 60-minute session we’ll get to know each other, determine your current proficiency level, select a course and didactic materials, set linguistic goals and determine the framework of our courses.  We want to get to know your skills and needs to tailor the most effectively the whole course to them!