Co nas wyróżnia
Co nas wyróżnia

Establishing a clearly specified linguistic goal that we wish to achieve together in a specific time.
Determining the main linguistic areas to be improved and errors to be eliminated.

There is no rigid curriculum and the course is fully tailored to your needs and interests.
We can work with your materials if needed.
You can always influence the content of the course.

Varied materials and topics of your interest. No dull classes; instead, a coherent mix of various linguisitic elements.

Relaxed atmosphere so that you can focus on learning.
Had a bad day and want to shorten the session? No problem. We can make a free session afterwards so that you don’t lose anything.

Varied conversation topics and focus on speaking instead of dull, long exercises.
Your  active participation is welcome.

Building a long-term relationship with you instead of routine student treatment. You can always actively influence the session, modify it or pimp it up to meet your requirements and needs.

Additional language support to clear up your doubts after a regular session.
Upon request we can provide additional exercises and homework sent to your e-mail, so that you can revise on your own.

The least complicated lessons when it comes to technical reasons and classes fully applied to you.